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We create technology

your customers will love.

We use innovative technology that powers immersive web & mobile experiences for people of all ages.

We've been here creating experiences since 1997 supporting the local community achieve great things with technology.

We augment social experiences to allow you to fully engage with your customers.

We work on a mixture of proprietary projects, joint ventures, and custom solutions for brands & businesses.

We specialise in barcode and image recognition solutions. Enabling Tumunu to augment your customers mobile brand experience.

Our Services

Tumunu is a web & mobile application business. Specialising in bespoke software development & training solutions for a wide range of clients.

Discovery & Strategy

Our balanced understanding of organisations and technology ensure we offer a highly effective way to fast-track key business strategies for your web & mobile needs. We help you define solutions that reflects your brand values and aligns with business drivers.

Through understanding who you are today and where you want to be in the future we can unearth the inspiration and constraints that allow mission statements and values to become real experiences for your customers.

Training Solutions

Whether you're looking for better business results through training or looking to up-skill, Tumunu has helped individuals of all ages into web & mobile development careers. We have the technical expertise and practical experience to provide the right training solutions, the right way, at the right time to empower success

As experts in creating learning programs for high school students and adult learners, talk to us about how you can benefit form our one to one, in-house, or one of a night classes

Software Development

Tumunu creates customer experiences, crafts locally, and provides affordable solutions you want. The use of web & mobile apps can save business owners an average of $377 per month, adding up to over $4,000 per year.

For projects that need to be delivered on time, on budget and to exceed your customer's expectations, we're here to work with you.

The value

Taratoa Pokotea is the main principle at Tumunu. Taratoa combines a broad-range of expertise with specialised knowledge of the web and mobile industry, reflecting over 16 years of accumulated technical and business experience. Taratoa has extensive experience reshaping large organisational publishing systems and leveraging existing technology to benefit Tumunu's diverse range of clients.

Robin Shaw heads up our Australian business. "Innovation is the application of invention in ways that solve new needs", something Robin understands. His ability to leverage opportunities for co-operative value creation is why Tumunu operates in Australia.

Tumunu was established in 1997. We are a privately held business.

Tumunu is a small consultancy with a presence in Wellington, New Zealand and the Gold Coast, Australia. We have a fluid team of ICT & training professionals on staff. Tumunu trades with the motto "Unicorns, Rainbows, and Integrated Mobile Applications", to emphasize our core values of creative thinking, ethical business, and embracing the future with mobile technology.

We believe communicating the features and benefits of our service should also clearly communicate the value we offer

According to a study by the Small Business and Entrepreneur Council, businesses that use mobile apps to manage their operations save more than 370 million business hours and more than 725 million employee hours annually. Smart mobile devices are replacing traditional desktops. With their convenient experience, availability of powerful chipsets, stunning graphics, longer battery life, cloud-based storage, and faster networks are contributing to a huge push for Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in both schools and enterprises.

We will move mountains to create your mobile experience in the most frugal way possible.

The Return on Investment (ROI) with hiring Tumunu outweigh normal development costs. Typically crafting mobile apps is a one-time experience with little or no maintenance or major enhancement required. The monetary ROI you receive depends on your needs. However, at Tumunu we've been here since 1997 supporting the local community achieve great things with technology. We're here to listen and we'll go the extra mile to ensure your ROI for mobile apps exceed your expectations.

Many business owners looking to develop a website ask us two common questions; "What makes your company different?" and "Why should I spend thousands instead of hundreds?". When looking to start a business online or beginning an online marketing campaign it's worth considering that the internet is a valuable and significant method of advertising. Just as you would not want to present your business with a low-end television commercial, you should not look to develop a poorly crafted website. The competition is strong and amateur websites are overlooked by consumers and potential buyers who search for a professional, reliable company.

You're as BIG as you want to be.

Online you can present your company to be a very professional company with a professional website. You may have a small location, or even work at home, but a professional website will give the impression that your company is top-of-the-line. Use this marketing opportunity to your advantage and make the most of your website!

It's all about value and we offer the best bang per buck.

We all know value is more important than cost. If I told you a $5,000 website would give a $100,000 return, or a $1,000 website would produce a $10,000 return... we all know what the decision would be. A website crafted by Tumunu will always perform beyond that of a poorly crafted website.

Our work

Mobile apps can be about more than just about functionality and usability; it adds value to the business it represents.

Our first success in the mobile app development market was back in 2004 with the MIVIS technology, designed to enhance the visitor experience as they travel around NZ by allowing information to be accessed on the visitor’s own phone in their own language.

Since then we've worked on interactive TV projects in Australia and have crafted a number of bespoke primary industry systems with Apple's iOS, arduino, and the fabulous raspberry pi.

Talk to us about how a mobile application can make add value to your brand.

Pay What You Want

That's right, you actually get what you want to pay for.

We've been working with fantastic clients since 1997. During that time we have had to turn our backs on some interesting yet, non profitable ideas. Today, it's our turn to pay it forward. If you're a day dreamer or an entrepreneur, get in touch and find out what we can do for you.

Training solutions

Tumunu offers community focused training programs.

Since 2003, Tumunu has been instrumental in getting people all over New Zealand and Australia into their dream jobs. We have a strong reputation as a trusted and professional training provider with programs tailored to specific demographics.

With a long history delivering NZQA courses in Maths, Science, and IT, we have a strong track record in the public sector. Our specialty, however, has always been in corporate training delivering courses in HTML/CSS, Javascript, Node.js, iOS development, web & mobile strategy, career development, and much more.

One to one

The key with one to one training is to seek the gap between the current skill level and the desired skill level and then to focus resources where they're most needed.

We will create content from scratch to ensure you have an adequate foundation at each level study. This detail-oriented process, in creating a personalised curriculum, provides the benefit of knowing you will get the best education tailored towards your areas of weakness.

No previous technical experience is required.


A large part of our business is to design and deliver bespoke in-house training programmes for both public and private organisations throughout New Zealand & Australia.

Our highly consultative approach ensures we ask the right questions to guide you and your organisation to the right training solution. We will work with you to determine your training needs and how we can best deliver this through a mix of public training courses and in-house training.

To discuss your training needs in confidence and find out how we can be of assistance please don't hesitate to call us.

Night classes

We provide a series of free & non-free night classes specifically focused on iOS mobile app development and SME mobile strategy development. These workshops are run on demand with a pre-requisite of 10 participants.

iOS mobile app development classes are run over a period of 26 weeks part-time. No previous technical experience is required. For more information on course content, outcomes, tutor profiles and enrolment, please email us.